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Welcome to I Am Vision, Inc.


pictures 11 25 12 228I Am Vision, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) recognized charity based in metropolitan Atlanta. I Am Vision, Inc., which was founded by Dr. Virgil Brannon in August, 2008, is non-profit charity designed to create vision in young people by enhancing their personal development. The purpose of I Am Vision, Inc. is to support the dreams of the youth in our communities, with particular emphasis on youths who are not normally recognized. While honor roll students and exceptional student athletes get most of the accolades among school age children, I Am Vision, Inc. focuses on youths that may start school struggling academically, but with a little encouragement, have the desire and determination to do better. Participating youths are ultimately transformed into fine, upstanding and productive citizens resulting from the enhancement of their self-development, confidence, manners, motivation, style and responsibility. Additionally, I Am Vision, Inc. encourages young people to acquire a greater sense of their own self-worth by developing their character, moral, and intellectual traits. In addition to helping students turn around any academic challenges, I Am Vision, Inc. promotes the importance of entrepreneurial skills as well as community service. One of the ultimate goals of I Am Vision, Inc. is to help youths grow into young adults with the aspiration and intellect to succeed in any field of endeavor that they may choose.

 I Am Vision, Inc. regards a young person’s dreams and vision as a significant part of their development. One’s greatest accomplishments derive first from their dream of something better, a vision that will only come to pass through superior education and character building, and then the action steps to make the dream and the vision a reality. Today’s youth are faced with many complexities such as the lack of ambition, motivation, or confidence; boredom; distractions from television and the Internet; and not being challenged when it comes to developing and pursuing their goals. Hence, I Am Vision, Inc. has instituted programs within the charity that focus on instilling continued education in all of its participants. I Am Vision, Inc. is committed to helping youths strive for excellence through the development of short and long-term goals as well as the pursuit of continued education after high school. I Am Vision, Inc. provides young people with a healthy understanding that they have the ability to challenge themselves, as well as the independent power to control their own destiny. After participating in I Am Vision, Inc.’s initiatives, youths should be able to unwrap their innate gifts and envision the positive impact that the pursuit of their dreams will have on their communities as a whole.

I Am Vision, Inc. offers three (4) programs that build self-development, confidence, manners, motivation, style and responsibility in young people:

  • I Am Vision Project
  • The Visionary's Lab 
  • I Am Business (A Leadership Program)
  • Youth Against Violence

The program curricula for I Am Vision, Inc. are designed to complete our mission of enhancing the lives and vision of the youth within our communities.

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 "A dream without education is an idea. An idea is a thought without action, and any action without proper knowledge and education will fail, unless you are lucky..."
-- Dr. Virgil Brannon



Ambition - n. a strong desirer to get or become something; eager to attain honor, fame; power.


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