About Us

In 2007, I Am Vision, Inc. was founded in the garage of Dr. Virgil Brannon; motivated but dismantle with some of the local schools that didn’t recognize some students for their hard work during the award ceremonies. Believing that every youth looks for the chance to excel, but many have not been taught or given the chance to elevate their dream without being criticized.

I Am Vision, Inc. wants to give every youth an opportunity to dream big and be recognized for their hard work and determination. We know that every youth learns differently, and at different times; as a community and parents, we must find ways for them to excel through life brightest and darkest moments. School is one of the places where dreams began and where they are sometimes shattered. So as a whole we must find different strategies and techniques to help them grasp their ideas, tune their imagination, and use their creativity to enhance their vision.


The Mission
I Am Vision, Inc
, embraces, and empowers youth by challenging them to boost their vision by providing hands-on opportunities and encouraging determination to excel in life. Our effort is to promote growth in our youth’s ability to dream and envision success while developing leadership, academics, and character.

The Vision
To inspire the community and partner with charitable contributors to create opportunities for our youth to think and see life in a different way. Therefore, we strive to provide quality programs and financial resources while teaching life lessons on building good character, high self-esteem, entrepreneurship, and financial stability.

Participation in our programs is completely voluntary and requires a commitment from each young person to put their lives on the right track. IAmVision programs and services are largely volunteer-based and are funded through the generosity of individuals, corporations, agencies, and private foundations.