The Visionary’s Lab

There are four (2) phases to The Visionary’s Laboratory Program.
  • School Perspective
  • Individual Perspective
Phase I = SCHOOL PERSPECTIVE: Phase I provides an intense focus on the achievement of the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) testing of our students and schools in the State of Georgia. Once a school is selected, we schedule to meet with the principal and set up an assembly with the student to inform them and their parents of our program. This seamless process creates a relationship with the Program, the school, and the community for support of the student(s). Our focus is to adopt a grade level from a particular school or the entire school and recognize children that show improvement in a particular subject or have the will power and desire to want better. At the end of the year, those children are rewarded for their fortitude at their school’s Award Ceremony. Types of Awards: Determination Award (area(s) of most improved), Vision Award (area(s) base on character and image, Honor Awards (area(s) maintaining an A+ grade average. How do you select the schools? We select a school base on their annual placement test scores who have not met the AYP for the previous school year. How many schools will you select at a time? We’ll start off with one school at first, and then move to more as we rely on donations and contributions. Upon completion of the school year, the student(s) will be invited to attend the following 8 weeks Summer Program at an announced location every Saturday, where we would discuss and mentor on the following subjects below. Phase II = INDIVIDUAL PERSPECTIVE Phase II is based on students as an individual member away from their school and their perspective future, visions, and careers. I Am Vision, Inc. welcome all children from all around and different background who are motivated to learn, striving for high achievements, or who are struggling to improve in academics such as math science, history, and reading. We confer with parents, teachers, pastors, and the community seeking for young individuals determined to succeed. Our main focus is to encourage, motivate, and inspire each individual to become self-driven about learning and achieving their dream and goals. Upon these nominations, we monitor their grades and life improvement throughout the school year. At the end of every school year, we hold an award ceremony rewarding the children with such recognitions as Determination, Focus, Character, and Honor.