Youth Against Violence

Program begin every Saturday for eight (8) weeks starting June 31, 2014, from 10am to 12 noon.

Please call to reserve a spot for your child at 404.454.2425

Virgil Brannon of I Am Vision, LLC has partnered with Arthur Powell, Executive Director of Egress Consultants: “Youth Against Violence Program” to strengthen the goal to better assist the youth and together we‘ll inspire them to become great leader of tomorrow by enhance their way of thinking. YAV, a comprehensive educational planning and mentoring program designed to assist youth who:

  • Have been abused
  • Face Peer Pressure
  • Faced Suicide
  • Have dropped out or have been withdrawn due to absenteeism.
  • Criminal Charges
  • Uses Unprotected Sex
  • Gang Activity

We feel this association is the perfect opportunity to groom leaders for the future. It’s a fact that most crimes and mischievous acts committed by our youth starts when they leave school up until 9pm. Therefore, we have to produce an atmosphere that our youth can become productive and develop in. We want our students to come together, and we really want to make a difference and make the school settings a safe place again. Because, there are young people that want to do something about the violence that’s going on around them. There are also young people that don’t want to be involved in gang activity, but feel pressured and obligated to do so. We want to give them the opportunity to create that place of peace and harmony.

The Youth Against Violence Program is that platform for our youth to become activists in the Campaign to stop youth violence. We feel the opportunity to be in the Association will allow are young people a chance to interact and establish solid relationships with their peers. The Y.A.V. will meet once a week for 2 hours to discuss them as individuals, in their schools and communities. Each group will establish a board to facilitate their meetings and plan their activities. They will also have peer groups that help one another affirm who they are and help build bonds with peers. The Y.A.V.A. members will also become ambassadors in the schools, helping monitor any criminal acts and gang activity. Finally, the Y.A.V. will allow our youth to have a voice and be heard, by planning and participating in rallies, marches, and anti-violence teen summit. Once a month, the Y.A.V. will meet with parents and community leaders to discuss their issues.

Our goal is to develop our youth in the following areas each week to strengthen them as future leaders of the Y.A.V.:

Week 1
Registration & Welcome to Youth Against Violence
Proper Communications
Gang Violence & Prevention
Gang Laws

Week 2
Ethics & Values
What is A Felony? Felony Laws
Teen Suicide

Week 3
Drugs & Alcohol
Decisions & Choices
Drug Laws

Week 4
Date Violence
Violent Crime Laws
Conflict Resolutions

Week 5
Runaway & Truancy Laws
Traumatic Experiences

Week 6
Advocate for Education
Abstinence & Sexual Transmitted Diseases
Sex Crime Laws

Week 7
Defining Hustler
Verbal Abuse
Domestic Violence Laws

Week 8
Department Of Labor
Money Management
Traffic Laws & Egress, A Way Out